AIP Affiliate Spotlight Day One Technologies
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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Day One Technologies

Thu, Feb 4, 2021 6:00 PM GMT

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes Day One Technologies, to its AI Network. 

Day One Technologies is a leading mobile application and AI development company pioneering the emerging and cognitive tech world. Operating out of the U.S. and India, Day One Technologies was founded with the idea to make technology more available and accessible to everyone. Today, the company is successfully fulfilling its vision by offering AI solutions in machine learning, Android/iOS development, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) offered to global enterprises and startups.

With the shared vision of collective excellence, tech innovation, and client satisfaction Day One Technologies have worked on esteemed projects across a wide range of fields. These fields include fintech, ed-tech, health tech, food tech, and more. They have a vast variety of projects going on around the world in major tech hubs such as the U.S., Canada, UK, Singapore, and Dubai. Day One Technologies has proven itself to be a preferred partner of AIP for its cutting-edge advancements in AI and digital transformation as a product-first company.

The world is growing at an exponential rate and big data is now called the new “unlimited oil” resource of this century. Day One Technologies helps their clients enhance their overall business intelligence by implementing big data into their pipelines, which in return enhances the value of each client.

What is Day One Technologies Biggest Advantage?

1. They help their clientsʻ create a pipeline to structure, visualize, and understand important business metrics. These metrics can't be easily seen by using traditional business intelligence.

2. Experience in setting up a cycle to capture data, enhance the overall business, and increase sales.

They believe that every use case is a unique problem statement in itself considering the resources and the status of the digital transformation of the firm. AI pharmaceuticals have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. With this being said, there will be a hefty reliance on AI in the health care space to advance the ways society can have easier access to health-related resources. Below are some example case studies that Day One Technologies has worked on for your reference:

Case Study #1: NLP Chatbot For a Health Tech Client - Intelligent Chatbot on Telegram: 

1. Seamlessly communicates with users in English to help them schedule their workout sessions, along with real-time guidance to ensure that the user would complete each session.

2. Automation-based with minimal human intervention. The process began with gathering historical data from support teams and training the machines on the words/phrases that would be sensitive to the business. The plan was to follow a retrieval-based model in Phase 1 & a generative-based model at a later phase (using Deep Learning).

Case Study #2: Computer Vision Platform For Manufacturing Setup - Building a web platform:

1. Administrators and sub-users can identify defects or product patterns using an image recognition system.

2. Admins can log in and upload images/videos with tags (labels) while feeding the system with benchmark product images for the platform to classify and assess.

3. Admins can access dashboards, view reports, add/remove users, search, and also set product grading based on industry standards.

AIP is thrilled about the new partnership with Day One Technologies because they are a ʻproduct first companyʻ in the ʻAI first worldʻ that will help shape the AI market. AIP’s CEO Dr. Tom Corr, VP of Corporate Development Stephen Cuthrell, and Director of Marketing Taylor Cuthrell have been elected as Day One Technologies AI advisors to assist them with innovations in AI, growth marketing, and market studies.

Contact Day One Technologies today to have them help you build what youʻve been thinking, dreaming, or brainstorming about:

- AIP Team

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