AIP Affiliate Spotlight Orbit Financial Technology
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AIP Affiliate Spotlight Orbit Financial Technology

Fri, Apr 30, 2021 5:00 PM GMT

AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes Orbit Financial Technology to its AI Network.

Orbit is a text analytics and AI computing company that helps global financial institutions make smarter, more informed decisions. Orbit was founded in 2015 with the goal to develop a combination of software products and services for applications that rely on text analytics computing. They are able to develop products through a combination of cutting-edge natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and big data technologies. 

By turning unstructured data into predictive indicators, Orbit is able to provide early warning signals for high-risk probability based on the user's search parameters. With predictive analytics and risk oversight, they are able to provide an additional layer of observation. For example, Orbit can predict the positive, negative, or neutral events that occur in global financial markets. 

Orbit delivers deep insight on sentiment, theme detection, and pattern recognition for risk managers, portfolio managers, and research analysts. Their platform is extremely flexible and accommodating for plugging in data. They extract the data from a variety of sources, and in a range of ways to return accurate information based on specific requirements in order to make effective decisions with factual insight. 

Their decision-making process is divided up into 4 ways:

  1. News Analytics: Measures various quantitative attributes of textual news including sentiment and relevance.

  2. Price Prediction: Wider data research and an accurate information return serves to ensure an accurate price prediction.

  3. Research: Research assessment of the worth and merit of key data points helps minimize risks, saves time, and money.

  4. ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance factors are assessed and utilized in the decision-making process. 

AIP is excited to work in tandem with Orbit to source, process, and transform unstructured data into predictive indicators. By generating data against customizable algorithms and running calculations against that data, it reveals accurate insights and opportunities for companies to take advantage of. Orbit is keen on growing its solutions for its clients while evolving with the latest industry trends.

Check out Orbitʻs revolutionary solution that supportʻs customized computing that has never existed in the financial industry until now:

- AIP Team

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